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Pro Lectures:
Special Lecture of Ishida Shuho 24th Honinbo Lecture of M. Redmond 9p
Lecture of Mitani 7p Lecture of Kobayashi 5p
Pro Simuls:
Simuls by Redmond 9p Simuls by Ohashi 6p
Simuls by Shigeno 2p Simuls by D. Komatsu 1p
Special match:
Ichiriki Ryo 7p (U20 World Champ) vs
German Champ with 2 stones
vs Fujisawa Rina 3p
(granddaughter of Fujisawa Shuko) with 3 stones
vs Takemiya 9p (*famous for cosmic style)   Takemiya 9p reviews the game
Goodwill match:
vs. University students in Tokyo vs. University students in Tokyo
Meijin title match:
Watch the Meijin match of Iyama vs Takao Visit the venue of Meijin title match
review and press room for Meijin title match Attend the reception party of the Meijin title match
Takara Shuzo Cup (*most popular tournament in Japan):
About 1500 participants in Takara shuzo cup Play at the most popular Japanese tournament
Special Sightseeing:
Special tour of `Kamakura' city Special tour of `Kamakura' city
Get 3-dan certificate of the Nihon Ki-in Play against inseis in a tatami room
Game review and depth analysis by Ohashi 5p Private lesson for Kids