The Nihon Ki-in Summer Go Camp 2016, 23 Aug-1 Sep 2016

The Nihon Ki-in Summer Go Camp 2016 (which is planned and hosted by the Nihon Ki-in) is an intensive training program for non-Japanese go players who want to raise your level and skill of go in the Nihon Ki-in (Tokyo). We will provide you with original lectures, unique workshops and cultural events every day by highly-selected and richly-experienced professionals of the Nihon Ki-in! You will also participant in most popular amateur go tournament in Japan!

News & Information

28-June 2016 It is our pleasure to announce that the term of the special offer of the program fee will be extended to two more weeks until 14th July. Please check the details as follows:
- Before 15 July 2016: 29,800 JPY
- Before 1 August 2016: 37,500 JPY
- After 1 August 2016: 45,000 JPY
20-May 2016 Online-registration and/or online-payment is now available from here.
Now you can make online payment by credit card for the fee and/or a hotel stay as well. (Note that you can also pay for the fee by cash at the first day of the Camp)
18-May 2016 The legend Kobayashi Koichi 9p (*Honorary Kisei, Honorary Meijin and Honorary Gosei) will provide you with a very special lecture and workshop!!! He will analyse his created 'Kobayashi Fuseki formations'. He will also tell us secret stories of the very famous Kitani Dojo, Kitani Minoru 9p and Cho Chikun 9p and also review his big game of his title matches (v.s. Cho Chikun).
18-May 2016 You can now make reservation for a room of a hotel in Tokyo near the Nihon Ki-in from here. *22 Aug.- 1 Sep (hotel for 11 nights): JPY 99,000 (inc. breakfast) *Note: You may find your suitable accommodation by yourself if you do not want to select above our recommended hotel.
28 April 2016 Special Offer for Cultural Olympiad 2020 !
Register before 1 July 2016 to get `special offer'!
The program fee will be set out with only 29,800 JPY before 1 July!
*Note that the program fee will be set out 45,000 JPY as a regular price from 1 July 2016.